Empowering the asian-european startup ecosystem

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Tech SiLu develops synergies between European and Chinese next-gen Startups & Investors

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DiaoLe! 掉了! - Exchange Program

We facilitate the exchange of innovative talents between China and Europe. Whether you are a pro Developer or and Entrepreneur, spending time on a different environment will broaden your mind and will set the basis to achieve something of significance.
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JiaYou! 加油! - Funds

We are promoting the creation of a seed fund for Italian and Chinese Startups.
Most importantly we are building the first cross-continental demo day to match two unique Entrepreneurial communities.

Zongxiao/综效 - Value Matching

We match Chinese Teams with European Startups through Tech SiLu risk minimisation/success maximisation analysis. Additionally, you will be involved in the Asian-European network remotely to benefit from outsourcing and virtual cultural exchange.

A new paradigm for Global Startups is at hand.

About Tech SiLu

If in the past our ancients used the silk road for trading silk and spices, Tech-Silu intends to use it for moving innovative projects, entrepreneurial spirits and excellent talents.

Scaling, User Acquisition, Bootstrapping in a brand new way.
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